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Oil Cifarelli 2T

The Cifarelli machines are equipped with 2-stroke engine powered with a mixture of gasoline and oil.

For the smooth operation of 2-stroke engines, the use of high-quality oil in the mixture is very important. To ensure high quality we recommend the use of synthetic oil Cifarelli 2T, which guarantees high performance of the engine ensuring long life.

Let’s see how to create the perfect blend for Cifarelli 2T engines:


The petrol to be used is the one that is on the market, in the distributors, taking care to prefer:

    * Green petrol (lead free) with high octane
    * Petrol containing alcohol
    * Petrol with reduced octane
    * Petrol with ethanol content greater than 10


The oil market is very varied; the oil to be used must be indicated for the preparation of the mixture for 2-stroke engines and must bear the words "2T" on the label.
Among the oils indicated for 2T engines, it is necessary to distinguish mineral oil and synthetic oil; although both are adequate, synthetic oil is to be preferred, although it is more expensive than mineral oil, it is better:

  • You need half of it ( percentage of 2% or 50:1, compared to the mineral oil you use in percentage of 4% or 25:1)
  • Lubricates the engine better, which heats up less and chars less in the combustion chamber then piston and cylinder get dirty less.

It is not recommended to mix mineral oil with green gasoline: the latter contains additives that rapidly degrade mineral oil, losing its lubricating properties.

For these reasons, therefore, for a greater care of your engine Cifarelli, ensuring a long life, use the synthetic oil for engines 2T CIFARELLI.

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