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Blower Ewind BB55

Ecological and silent

Cifarelli Ewind BB55 is a portable, battery-powered blower that guarantees maximum efficiency at a low noise level. It is ideal for removing leaves, grass, paper and dust from gardens, yards, pavements.

  • Engine
  • Power/Voltage
    620 W / 40 V
  • Weight
    3,3 Kg
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Ideal For

Urban hygiene


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Freedom of movement

Easy to use

Technical specifications

Engine Brushless
Power/Voltage 620 W / 40 V
Weight 3,3 Kg
Air volume 9,23 m³/min
Air speed 39,5 m/s
Noise 83,2 dB (A)
Measured sound power 2000/14/EC 94,7 dB (A)
Guaranteed acoustic power LWA 2000/14/EC 94 dB (A)

Why choose Blower Ewind BB55

  • Environmentally friendly: alectrical blower, it hasn't any impact on people and the environment due to the absence of exhaust gases
  • Simple: battery operation simplifies assembly and use of the machine compared to motorised equipment.
  • Silent: it is ideal for working safely in all areas sensitive to noise pollution.
  • Working autonomy: it ensures continuous work up to 30 minutes (5 Ah battery) at maximum speed and up to 90 minutes at minimum speed, for non-stop operation
  • Ergonomic: your arm won’t get tired with this lightweight, balanced appliance thanks to the backward position of its handle.
  • No limit of movement: no power supply cables will make it possible for you to operate without constraints, in full freedom of movement
  • The outgoing air speed regulator allows it to be adapted to different working situations
  • The battery is equipped with an indicator light to check the remaining charge.

Quality is guaranteed by a machine designed and manufactured in Italy.


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