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Mist duster M1200PG

The solution for powders and granulars

Cifarelli M1200PG is the sprayer useful for the treatment with powders and granular large coverage.

  • Maximum power
    3,6 kW (5 HP)
  • Product tank capacity
    Max 27 l
  • Fuel tank
    2,3 l (0,61 US gals)
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Technical specifications

Engine C7, 2STR
Displacement 77 cc
Maximum power 3,6 kW (5 HP)
Air volume 27 m³/min (960 cfm)
Product tank capacity Max 27 l
Fuel tank 2,3 l (0,61 US gals)
Weight 11,5 kg without pipes (25,4 lbs.)
Packaging 78 x 46 x 38 cm

Why choose Mist duster M1200PG

The M1200PG mist sprayer is:

  • fast: the speed of the air that distributes the product allows to cover large areas of soil in a single passage;
  • effective: the product, whether in powder or granules, is distributed evenly and covers a large surface
  • versatile: thanks to the accessory "Kit x use M1200PG liquid", available at any time, can dispense liquids

Cifarelli started out with mist sprayers, products for which we are famous all over the world.

The atomizer M1200PG is the natural evolution of our experience gained in more than 50 years of Company, a tool made to last and allow you to work better.

  • Ergonomics: the centre of gravity of the machine is ideal to increase comfort, already optimal thanks to the curved back, the large and soft cushion and adjustable shoulder straps. The control handle can be easily adjusted without using tools;
  • Perfect treatments: the product is evenly distributed and ensures optimal treatment coverage, according to the indications of the best agronomists;
  • Less waste of product: the 5 bushings of different diameters supplied and the additional adjustment with handle allow you to precisely and easily control the output of the product and to carry out calibrated and regular treatments;
  • Range varies depending on the product used.


  • A special kit (accessory on request) allows you to use the machine for spreading liquids
  • You can buy the complete machine or just the powder kit to be implemented on the M1200 mistblower

What to pay close attention to

Many treatments are carried out with sulfur.
Do not use pure sulfur to perform treatments because it is very flammable. The machine may catch fire. Use ventilated sulfur mixed with 10% lime.

Ease of maintenance

M1200PG is easy to maintain: the scheme of disassembly is simple and, having uniformed the heads of the hardware, you can disassemble almost the whole machine with a single key.

This makes interventions quick and easy, even for professionals working in disadvantaged areas.

After-sales service

Our accurate after-sales service and immediate availability of spare parts will allow you to operate with maximum efficiency, in all situations.

The quality is guaranteed by a machine entirely designed and produced in Italy with the best materials and a skilled workforce.



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