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Gardening tools: mist blowers, blowers and vacuum cleaners

The best tools for the care of green spaces

Mist blowers


Agricultural blowers, also for gardening and urban hygiene. Battery and electric

Tips and tricks


Agricultural vacuums for leaves, olives and nuts. Powerful and ergonomic

Tips and tricks


Professional machines for the care of green areas



Cleaning in areas requiring silence

One of the main problems of cleaning leaves and other from the areas of hotels, resorts, camping, tourist areas, historical centers, hospitals...

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Trust and reputation

The strategy of our company has always been that to create a long term and continuative relationship with the sales network, measuring the...

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Treatment of trees with tall stem (in vertical) with the mist blower

An important aspect, but little considered, is the correct configuration of the mist blower in accordance with the application to be performed;...

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