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Trust and reputation

The strategy of our company has always been that to create a long term and continuative relationship with the sales network, measuring the results in the medium term rather than the short.

For this type of program it is essential to have a good reputation in the market and build a bond of trust with the customers through actions, attitudes and training aimed at creating durable partnerships.

We believe it is very important and effective to cultivate relationships with loyal customers not forgetting of course the opportunity to welcome new requests.

For a durable commercial relationship it is of primary importance, in the professional market, ensure an efficient and continuous after sales service to support the end users of our products.

Over the years we have acquired a loyalty of our clientele by operating with full transparency, clear rules, certain and stable, the same for everyone.

The people of our sales office have all the tools and powers in order to decide autonomously, giving to the customers the assistance they need.

In order to protect our sales network, we are selective in the distribution of the machines. However, we provide to all the retailers who request the necessary spare parts to ensure a quick repair of our machines.

 We provide support directly also to end users, we receive many requests through our website which are addressed to the nearest store which, if it has provided us the email address, receives a copy of the request.

 We always try to put at the center of our work the needs of the sales network: immediate and fast shipping service, spare parts always available, technical assistance on the web and at the telephone, direct relationship with our employees of the commercial relations that in the case of special requests, they turn them to competent people in the company.

Give adequate support to the sales network is a way to satisfy users of our machines, particularly the professionals who use Cifarelli’s machines for their work.

Luckily we receive continuously positive feedback from our customers for the service level offered, this strengthens the trust relationship established with them and every day we try not to be complacent about the results and improve ourselves. We want our customers are happy to call us because they recognize that, for any kind of problem (working it may occur) or for any need they may have, they will find support and listening.

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