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How to collect the leaves in autumn

With the arrival of Autumn the temperatures drop, the days get shorter and the trees slowly shed their leaves.

The need to collect fallen leaves involves an intensification of the maintenance work of open spaces such as gardens, courtyards, parks, urban and extra-urban areas.

Their removal is important to avoid rottenness of the underlying soil as they prevent the penetration of sunlight.

In urban areas, in addition to being unsightly, they can become a danger as they are slippery and can obstruct manholes, hindering the normal flow of rainwater.

Which tools to use?

The choice of the tool to use depends on the type of work to be carried out, the quantity of leaves to be collected and the size of the surface to be cleaned.

Among the different models of machines and tools designed for leaves removal, the most commonly used are blowers and vacuum.

For large surfaces and professionals in the sector, specific machines are required to quickly collect the material: the V1200PK vacuum and the BL1200 blower are the ideal solution.

Cifarelli V1200PK is a professional tailboard-mounted vacuum, the lightest on the market: only 19.5 kg. It is very simple to load and unload it from the van and the application on the side of even light vehicles to reach areas that are difficult to access.

It can be used on pick-ups, ape vans, quads and all small vehicles and commercial vehicles with a loading area.

It vacuums and quickly shreds even large, dry or wet leaves, which are shredded by the steel blades of the fan, in order to reduce their volume, and conveyed into the vehicle container.

The collected material is compacted with the advantage of being able to work for a long time without interruptions for unloading.

Its suction hose measures 6 metres in length and allows ample freedom of movement.

V1200PK is the ideal choice for gardeners, maintenance workers, waste collectors and for all professionals involved in the care and maintenance of green areas.

When combined with the BL1200 professional blower, the cleaning times are further optimised.

The Cifarelli BL1200 is a shoulder-carried machine with a 5 HP powerful engine. It develops a volume of air up to 1.800 m3/h (depending on the model) at high speed and it allows to quickly blow even large leaves, grouping them in a single area to be then collected with the vacuum.


For finishing work, the Ewind BB55 battery blower is the most suitable tool: the lightness, the low noise level and the absence of exhaust emissions make it perfect for cleaning areas where a low environmental

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