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Ewind BB55: battery-powered blower

Spring has finally arrived, the days get longer, the temperatures rise and life, after the long winter break, restarts in the gardens.

Who has a house with a garden know well that this is the season in which the maintenance of the green area begins: removal of the last leaves accumulated during the winter, first cut of the grass, fertilization, etc.

In every job you need the right tools; one of them is the Ewind BB55 blower.

Ewind BB55 is a powered-battery blower, light and silent, an ideal tool for cleaning the garden (leaves and mowing grass), driveways, courtyards and sidewalks. Although it has been designed for hobby use, thanks to its electric motor, powered by a 5 Ah or 2.5 Ah battery, it is also ideal for cleaning green areas of hotels and hospitals, where it is necessary to operate with a low sound impact.

The use of this blower is very simple, forget the storage of petrol, preparation of the mixture, bad smells of fuel or exhaust gases: insert the battery and off you go … no power cable that hinders you or limits your movements, guaranteeing a 30 minutes autonomy at maximum power (5 Ah battery) or 90 minutes at minimum speed. Use the regulator to adjust the air speed according to the work you need to do, it is not necessary to always work at full power.

The battery has a 4 leds display which indicates the remaining charge.

The Ewind BB55 blower is light and well balanced, the rear position of the handle does not tire the arm, all the controls (the switch lever, the speed regulator) are accessible with the same hand that grasps it.

The quality of this machine, designed and produced in Italy, makes it a valid tool for the maintenance of green areas.

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