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Cleaning in areas requiring silence

One of the main problems of cleaning leaves and other from the areas of hotels, resorts, camping, tourist areas, historical centers, hospitals etc. is the noise emitted by blowers, which are normally used and that disturb the people, as the cleaning should be carried out normally in the early morning.

This problem can be solved using traditional hand brooms but with high labor costs.

There are on the market electric wire and battery blowers: the first have the disadvantage of having a limited range while the battery one have high cost of purchase and replacement of the battery. It must be considered that, as most of the blowers noise is due to the air flow, they are not anyway silent (if they develop an adequate flow).

The silenced blower Cifarelli BL6S model, at maximum produces 64 dB at 15 meters with a powerful flow rate of 20 m3/min (among the best in the sector) able to ensure good results for solving the above problems.

The particular shape of the (patented) fan and the closure in a double cover with soundproofing material lowers considerably noise impact.

The air circulation system allows to use all the air to blow, offering good performance already at minimum, with a further reduction of emissions.

The innovative outlet system also allows the blower to be used in crowds without causing unpleasant air currents.

With these features, the BL6S, can be used in the early hours of the day “while guests sleep” without disturbing and carrying through the cleaning job in a very short time and in the cities of art in the crowd of tourists.

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