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The olive shaker

Anyone who travels along the country roads that line olive groves, in this period would see many people engaged near the trees, intent to shake, to blend, to beat the branches; we are in October and the olive harvest campaign has begun (or is starting, depending on the regions).

There are different methods of harvesting the olives, resulting in the use of different types of machinery: pneumatic or electric harvester, comb, shaker or... the stick (well this is perhaps a method that was used in the past).

Cifarelli s.p.a produces the shaker for professional use since 1998; our company believes that this is the most effective means in the cost/ performance ratio for the olive harvest. The machine is hooked to the branch to be shaken and, unlike other collection systems, does not affect the younger twigs and the present gems, avoiding damaging them and affecting the productivity of the olive grove for the following year.

The Cifarelli shaker model SC800 is the result of a long experience in the field: if used at the right time of ripening, It is possible to collect up to 2000/4000 kg. per day with a fall of 90-95% of olives (how many olives could collect daily our fathers or our grandparents?).

So, how does this shaker work?

The machine is equipped with a two-stroke engine (therefore a mixture); the gear box transmits the rotary movement of the crankshaft to the rod at whose terminal is mounted a hook. The machine is "worn" more or less like a guitar by means of a shoulder strap placed on the left shoulder; pressing on the accelerator the rod begins to vibrate, transmitting vibrations to the branch (about 2000 shots per minute) causing the olives to fall; the length of the rod can reach 3 meters (with the telescopic model) to reach the highest branches of the plant; the hook is covered with rubber to avoid damaging the bark of the branches. The olives are dropped on the nets and then harvested.

The SC800 shaker is equipped with a patented anti-vibration system that minimizes vibrations transmitted to the operator. The robustness and reliability of the SC800 shaker, combined with the yield in harvesting, make this machine appreciated by the most demanding olive growers and contractors.

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