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Proper management of the mixture

The Cifarelli machines are equipped with a 2-stroke engine, which works with a mixture of gasoline and oil.

Composition of the mixture:



  • Green petrol (lead free) with high octane
  • Super petrol (with lead*)

* Only outside Europe, where available


  • Petrol containing alcohol
  • Petrol with reduced octane
  • Petrol containing more than 10% ethanol

Such gases could cause an increase in engine temperature with a consequent risk of locking the piston and damage to the engine



  • Oil bearing on the label the words 2T or two-stroke engine oil

On the market there are mainly two types of 2T oil:

  • Synthetic oil, to be mixed with green gasoline (lead-free) with a percentage of 2% (50:1)
  • Mineral oil, to be mixed with super petrol (with lead) as a percentage of 4% (25:1)

Advantages of synthetic oil

Synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral oil, but

  • You need half
  • Better lubricates the engine, which heats up less and chars less in the combustion chamber then piston and cylinder get dirty less

IMPORTANT: NEVER mix green gasoline with mineral oil: it contains additives that rapidly degrade mineral oil, losing its lubricating properties.

Instructions for the correct preparation of the mixture

Each Cifarelli machine comes with a bottle to prepare 1 Liter of mixture:

  • Pour petrol to point 1
  • Pour oil to point 2 to get the percentage 2% - 50:1.


  • Pour oil up to point 3 to get the percentage 4% - 25:1.

Shake the mixture well for at least 30 seconds before refueling.

In case of preparation of the mixture in jerrycans, it is recommended to use clean and approved jerrycans for this purpose. It is advisable to prepare the necessary mixture for the same working day.

Instructions for filling the mixture tank

  • Slowly unscrew the tank cap to avoid fire hazards due to vapour leakage
  • Dry immediately any spills of mixture
  • Do the operation away from open flames and/or sparks, keep cell phone off do not smoke

When starting the engine, move at least 3 metres away from the area where the mixture tank was filled.

In case of excess mixture, remember to mix it well before using it to avoid the risk of seizing the engine.

In any case, avoid using the mixture prepared for more than a week: the oil loses its lubricating property resulting in the risk of seizing the engine.

Below are the quantities of oil vs. gasoline:

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